How Diskbuilder works


Simply organise your files and folders in Windows and import or drop them directly into a Diskbuilder project.


Enter project details, weblinks, annotate the generated index, add multiple contacts, passwords and more...


Build the project and a fully indexed, self-contained application is soon ready for distribution on disc, usb or over your network.

Why Choose Diskbuilder?


Diskbuilder is designed to promote your brand and embed your company’s identity in an elegant and professional way.

Add clients’ logos and change backgrounds to communicate a bespoke feel to your clients and optionally create your own designs.


Now in its tenth year, Diskbuilder is a mature and reliable product used by and for a wide range of companies in the legal and construction sectors.

Built using industry standards: We use the Adobe Acrobat library and toolsets used by over 50% of the Fortune 500.


Diskbuilder produces a portable, self-contained application you can share and ship on any media.

Handle high volumes with automated publishing and branding using Disc Manager modules for Rimage™, Primera™ and other media printers.


Tools to cover your needs: From full text indexing across your documents to additional columns for annotation and optional metadata auto-population from PDF.

Rapid document location and access via multiple navigation and search options.


Optional security modules provide fine-grained control over access to application data.

Set passwords for the application, implement Acrobat security for document access and/or printing and encrypt search indexes.



Diskbuilder supports Windows from 7* through to 10

PresentCase for Web, iOS & Android in development.

Windows 7 is EOL as of January 2020. Windows 10 recommended


Diskbuilder is DMS agnostic and is designed to fit in your existing workflow.

Our focus on a narrow set of core activities provides you with the freedom to cherry pick the right tools for your workflow without duplicating functionality.



Diskbuilder natively supports over 40 media formats including Video (Windows Media, DVD, Mp4), Audio, Powerpoint, 3D and HTML5.

You can order custom file modules to display these and other formats inside your application.



Diskbuilder is fully extensible and can embed custom file formats.

Our expanding module library offers a range of pre-built addons. Additional custom functionality can be ordered on an ad hoc basis.