The Metadata module provides content-mapping from default or custom Acrobat document property fields to columns in the Content Index. This allows you to speed up annotation processes by auto-populating your content index on a per document basis.

Content can also be automatically re-formatted by assigning column types. These include dates, numerics and custom rules e.g. text formatting, find/replace and advanced pattern matching.


The Security module prevents unauthorised use:

An application password requires the user to enter the same password on launch. Document Security applies up to 448 bit encryption to PDF documents and provides control over viewing, copying and printing documents outside the application.

Passwords are automatically applied by the application during runtime allowing for very secure hashes to be used.

Disc Manager

For high volume output, we offer disc manager modules for both Rimage™ Professional Series systems and Primera™ Disc Publisher systems. These allow you to send built projects directly to the printers for disc/cover printing and duplication.

Dedicated Bates Number Search

You can use the normal text search to find Bates Numbers in document but they can be mixed up with document content.

The Bates Search module generates a separate search index with separate validation ensuring that all bates numbers are found and indexed correctly. These can be optionally inserted into the Contents Index.

Video Player

Add a video panel to your project with full screen playback of clips using your choice of format including WMV, MPEG2, H.264 and more.

Image Slideshow

Add an image slideshows to your projects with full screen images, captions and navigation.


Our new charting modules offer a range of chart types that can be animated and/or made interactive using pre-populated or real-time data.

Custom charts based on your requirements are also available on request.



Do you have presentations already built in HTML5, Powerpoint or Adobe Flash?

Our presentation modules provide built in display. No software pre-requisites or additional installations are required.

Custom Functionality

Some of our modules began life as custom functionality for one-off projects.

We've built many others including:

  • Optional local install on first run
  • Copy all documents to network
  • Database content to PDF exporter
  • Table of Contents to Excel exporter
  • Interactive 3D viewers
  • Navigable Phasing diagrams
  • Floorplan explorers
If there’s something specific you need, we’ll build it...