Diskbuilder assembles your documents in a branded, searchable application allowing end-users to easily locate, view and print the information they need.

From Transaction Volumes (e-bibles) to Bid Submissions, Architectural Projects to Research Archives, Diskbuilder provides you with the tools to arrange, customise and deliver content to end-users in a great-looking application.

Diskbuilder is simple to use and anyone can build a project in minutes.

By reducing the costs of outsourcing and with no per-click costs after purchase, Diskbuilder represents serious value for money.

Download our demo application and try it for yourself.


Deliver information in an integrated application that is specifically tailored to your company's identity.

Give your clients clean, well-designed routes into their information whilst reinforcing your brand.


Search individual documents or across the entire project. Jump straight to view and highlight any match side by side with the results.

Power search with Boolean, Bates Number and custom options.


View any kind of content in your project. Adobe Acrobat is built-in and all other files open directly in Windows.

Enhance your projects with dedicated viewers for presentations, charts, images, video, even 3D.